Pancake Warriors

WIAW 8 Back On Track Lentil Wild Rice Salad

WIAW #8 – Back on Track and It Feels So Good

Happy Wednesday!  I’m excited to share with you my recent eats. As you all might know, I was suffering from some serious over-indulging (like these cookies and truckloads of pumpkin spiced granola and almond butter) the past few weeks. Work was busy, the dog is sick, I wasn’t sleeping much and meal prep consisted of grabbing...

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Candied Cinnamon Vanilla Walnuts Feature

Candied Cinnamon Vanilla Walnuts

I started my Saturday teaching spin and decided I wanted something luxurious for breakfast after class was over.  I’ve been craving caramel apples covered in walnut pieces since fall started.  I made the next best thing – candied walnuts.  Not just any candied walnuts – walnuts covered in vanilla coconut palm sugar, vanilla and cinnamon.  HEAVEN!...

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WIAW 7 Stress Munching breakfast yogurt

WIAW #7 – A Day of Stress Munching

I’ve been pretty MIA for the past few days.  Between Sugar getting sick and work being so crazy,  I’ve been lucky to get to bed before 2:30 most mornings for the past 2 weeks.  It’s really starting to catch up with me.  Have you ever noticed how not sleeping makes you a hungry beast?  Ugh...

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