WIAW #8 – Back on Track and It Feels So Good

Happy Wednesday!  I’m excited to share with you my recent eats. As you all might know, I was suffering from some serious over-indulging (like these cookies and truckloads of pumpkin spiced granola and almond butter) the past few weeks. Work was busy, the dog is sick, I wasn’t sleeping much and meal prep consisted of grabbing a Think Thin bar more times than I’d like to admit.  But all of that is behind me now.  That’s what I love about fitness and weight loss.  Every day and every week is a new opportunity to start over and get back on track!

WIAW 8 Back On Track Pinterest

With that in mind, I’ve decided to really focus on my relationship with food over the next few weeks.  I like having a goal to work towards, so I decided 6 weeks would be appropriate. It’s long enough that I can really work on developing a healthier relationship with food.  Although I am a firm believer that the food you eat should taste good and be delicious, it should not be my comfort in a stressful situation or the thing I turn to when I get anxious.

I also want to work on my sleeping habits, as I think that has a direct correlation with the amount and type of food I crave each day.  … Read More...

Spiced Apple and Oat Protein Pancakes

Hello loves! I have a fun new pancake recipe for you.  It has spiced apples in the batter and was amazing with those candied cinnamon vanilla walnuts I shared with you on Sunday!  There are some times when I think it is 100% worth the time to have a extra special breakfast.  Like after teaching an hour of spin or after a long run when training for a half marathon!.

Spiced Apple Oat Protein Pancakes Stack

Speaking of long runs, I have a confession to make, I really didn’t enjoy my long run last night. :( My hip locked up around mile 5.5 and it never got better. I was running in new shoes (I got a pair of Merrell’s) and they were pretty comfortable considering it was the first time I was running in them. My old shoes were that bad that I couldn’t run another step in them – so I consider that a success.  But yeah I’m not so sure about this whole half marathon mess.  Maybe I just need to keep my runs to in the morning? I tend to be tight in my hips by the end of the day anyway after sitting at work (and I can eat my face off for the rest of the day)

Any thoughts stretching or how you recovered from pain in your hips while training?… Read More...

Beginners Series: Leg Day!

The Beginners Series: Legs workout has a great breakdown of how to perform  these moves without weight.  Please perfect your form before adding any weight to the mix!  Remember keep your core engaged and really think about the moves you are performing as you work through legs. The benefits of legs is you get a great core workout as well, keeping the upper body stable as you perform each move.

For this today’s leg day workout you can use dumbbells, a barbell, or both. If you don’t have any check out our home gym recommendations below (affiliate links). Also, make sure to check out our Building The Ultimate Home Gym.


Leg Day Workout

3 sets | 10 reps | 60-90 seconds max!

Romanian Dead-lifts
Close Leg Squat
Sumo Squat
Wall Squat – hold for 1 minute each set

Beginner Series Leg Day Dumbbell Squat

Beginner Series Leg Day Barbell Squat

Squats:  If there was only one exercise I would recommend for leg day and glute work, it would hands down be squats.  If performed correctly, you will get a full 90 degree angle with your knees, butt pushed way back and core engaged.  Here are the basic directions:

You can use a barbell or dumbbells when adding weight to the squat.… Read More...

Candied Cinnamon Vanilla Walnuts

I started my Saturday teaching spin and decided I wanted something luxurious for breakfast after class was over.  I’ve been craving caramel apples covered in walnut pieces since fall started.  I made the next best thing – candied walnuts.  Not just any candied walnuts – walnuts covered in vanilla coconut palm sugar, vanilla and cinnamon.  HEAVEN!  Omg I didn’t want to share :) But I did because Dave is so sweet, and I needed a taste tester.  He’s so lucky sometimes – I kid I kid!

But First…

Mount Pisgah

Mount Pisgah The View

Dave and I decided to take the day off on Friday and go up to the mountains in NC to hike a few trails and see the leaves changing.  I probably haven’t mentioned this before on the blog but I’m a “Live by the seat of your pants” kind of girl.  I rarely make plans before setting out on a trip like this.  I think this stems from not wanting to be let down if we don’t get to do everything on “the list”.  But since we were going up to the Blue Ridge Parkway and there isn’t always cell service I decided to put a few things on the list, but wasn’t set on any one thing except seeing the sunset.… Read More...

Fitness Friday #6 – 1000 Reps Workout

It’s Friday y’all! We have a lot going on this Friday. We have our Fitness Friday linkup, a 1000 rep workout challenge (below), and the last day of our giveaway!

There are only a few hours left, so if you haven’t make sure to check it out and register for a chance to win. Even if it’s not something you’d use, these straps work great as a gift – Christmas is closer than you think! I apologize for missing our Fitness Friday linkup last week if you stopped by, we were 100% focused on the giveaway!

Burpee Squat Awesomse

Get out your stopwatches (iPhones) and get ready to move!  By the end of this workout you will have done 1000 moves!  If that isn’t motivating – I don’t know what is :)  I taught this in my boot camp class a few years ago and it was probably one of my favorite workouts!  With the cooler weather, this would be an awesome workout to do outside in the crisp air!

Dave and I are headed to the mountains today for a few hikes and some serious fall color!  The weather is suppose to be clear and warm and I can’t wait to share some pictures with you guys!… Read More...